About Melissa P. Sharpe

Writer & Speaker
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    And Public Speaker

    Melissa is a writer first, speaker second. She loves to connect with an audience wanting everyone to be a part of the conversation. Because talking about hard things requires much love.

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    Gateway Church

    Melissa writes devotional series for Gateway Church. Her writings reflect the current sermon series often burying her in study notes.

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    Melissa is a leadership blogger with Women Together helping to mentor other writers who’s words inspire women leaders all over the globe.

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    Melissa is a series contributor, developing original content for The Mom Inspired Show with Amber Sandberg in Nashville TN. She clearly loves to talk.

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    Women's Ministry

    Melissa founded Elizabeth’s House Ministries in 2008 with the purpose of helping women own their faith and recognize the person within that God created them to be.

Melissa P. Sharpe

Melissa is a writer, speaker, and fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants storyteller who has lived a lot of life and learned a lot of lessons that pack a punch. Born in a small suburb on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada as the third of four children, she constantly sought the spotlight performing in school and church productions as well writing and performing speeches for anyone who would listen to them.

Her love of storytelling began as a young child when her mother read a chapter of the book Charlotte’s Web every night before bed. Though it caused her to sometimes dream of spiders, the love of written words began to seep into her soul. As she grew and reading became her passion, she could often be found absorbing great stories by the crack of the hallway light through her doorway long after bedtime.

Melissa’s ministry began by studying the Scriptures and forming a ministry in her home church called Elizabeth’s House with the purpose of helping women own their faith. Her work continued to grow with the launching seminars, workshops, and eventually writing curriculum and teaching summer bible studies.

“Passionate about her calling to women, Melissa, is quickly becoming a much-in-demand speaker and writer! She is transparent and real yet effective in leading women from pain and brokenness and the grip of underestimating their worth and value to new levels of growth in God.”

— Margaret Gibb, Founder & Director – Women Together International

Melissa can now be found as the online devotional series writer for Gateway Church, a contributing writer with Women Together International, a contributor to the podcast The Mom Inspired Show in Nashville, Tennessee, and often travels for speaking and teaching. Melissa uses life experiences and witty storytelling to passionately convey God’s love in action making it relatable to the daily grind of everyday life. She can be found putting up pictures of her dirty kitchen on Instagram, parenting her two young daughters who act just like her, and drinking copious amounts of coffee with those whom she calls her village.


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